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Biggest Cloud Migration Mistakes Revealed by Cloud Computing Experts

“Cloud is considered as a valuable tool among the business circles and independent online users.”

In the last 5 to 10 years, the industry which has seen serious growth is that of cloud computing. Previously cloud used to be a buzzword in the world of technology however today cloud is considered as a valuable tool among the business circles and independent online users. According to one statistic around 72% of businesses today are utilizing cloud in their respective organizations or companies.

Migrating to Cloud Is Not That Easy

Adopting cloud is not a walk on the park; rather its implementation process can be very tough. This is the reason companies hire proper cloud professionals for this task. In order to implement cloud it is necessary that your business should be compatible with the technology and this compatibility has to be created through the help of a professional. Failure in this regard can result in prolonged downtime, companywide disorganization, data loss and less productivity.

The Common Migration Mistakes Which Companies Make

“Frank Muscarello”

Now let’s see some of the most common migration mistakes which companies usually make. The mistakes mentioned in the points below have been revealed by some of the most reputed cloud computing experts.

  • According to Frank Muscarello the biggest mistake which companies make while migrating to cloud is that companies discard their used date center equipment
  • According to Sarah McMullin the biggest mistake which companies make is that before adopting cloud they do not do any proper homework. Rather on the contrary they simply rush to get the technology without thinking about the dynamics of their businesses.
  • According to Orlando Scott-Cowley the biggest mistake which companies make is that they put all the eggs in the same basket which means that they commit to the cloud of one single vendor. This commitment results in serious consequences such as data or downtime loss
  • According to Patrick Townsend a common mistake which companies indulge into while moving to cloud is that they assume that their particular date is automatically protected. As a company you cannot simply depend upon your cloud provider, rather encryption and protection of data is totally your responsibility.
  • Anthony Mongeluzo is a well-known cloud expert according to him the biggest mistake which businesses make is that they do not make a full cost comparison.
  • According to Carlos Granda a famous cloud professional, the mistake which companies make is that they do not assess their particular business needs. Every cloud company out there is not for you. You need to select the company based on your particular business needs.

These were some of the most common cloud migration mistakes which companies make. If you want to know more about cloud migration mistakes, then check out this one by GCN. If you are also looking to implement cloud technology in your business then ensure that the mentioned mistakes are avoided by you.

There are many blogs on the internet which you can consult as far as avoiding these mentioned mistakes are concerned.

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