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Hi there!

Cloud computing is usually referred to as “the cloud”. The technology can really transform your IT infrastructure and can make your business process smooth and effective. We, ExtraSys company, can help you in the effective implementation of cloud based softwares. We have a professional team of experts who will help you in each and every step of cloud computing implementation. We belief in maintaining long term relationships with our clients and we leave no stone unturned in this regard. Our services are thoroughly professional and charges are reasonable.

As professional cloud consultants we will guide you through each and every step of cloud implementation. We will make an overall review of your business and will identify the areas where cloud can provide most value to you. We will also identify the gaps which can prevent the smooth integration of cloud in your company. On top of all these services we will also suggest you cost effective strategies that can fill the identified gaps for you.

As proficient consultants we will not only review your business needs but will also share you the ways through which cloud can meet your specific needs. We will suggest you effective strategies through which you can operate your business efficiently.

An issue which you may face while migrating to cloud is the control of your business information. The information is not “on premises” when it comes to cloud hence compliance issues can get surfaced. As reputable cloud consultants we are well versed with compliance regulations. We can help you in the reviewing of your obligations and at the same time enable you to develop cloud solutions. These solutions can be hybrid, private or public. Do not worry; the developed solutions will meet the regulatory as well as the internal standards. As part of our services, we will also recommend backup systems, security protocols and other safeguards to you as well.

We care about our customers and we wish that our customers are successful in their business. We try to provide a long term road map to our customers. We will provide you with a road map where the cloud ROI is reached quickly. As professional consultants our main goal is to ensure that you get the maximum ROI through our cloud implementations. We want your integrations to be performed smoothly and we want your day to day tasks to be more productive. We care about your business and we want you to prosper.

Apart from our lucrative services we share all the latest technological advancements related to cloud through our website. You will find a lot of articles and blogs in our webpage from where you can get rich information about cloud computing. The blogs and articles shared in our webpage have been written by some of the most reputed cloud professionals. By sharing these blogs we want to enhance the knowledge of our respectable clients. These blogs and articles are loaded with rich information and by reading these blogs you will be able to learn about those aspects of cloud computing about which you had no knowledge before.

We have a chat forum in our webpage as well. Through this forum you can chat with like-minded individuals like you.

You can share any meaningful information you have through this forum. The purpose of this forum is exchange of knowledge. Other people will also share meaningful information with you. Most of our clients are business professionals hence talking with such individuals will be very beneficial for you.

We are always there at your service. You can always contact us either by calling or you can mail us as well. We have an inquiry box in our webpage as well. All you need to do is to type your inquiry in this box and click the send button. As soon as we receive your inquiry we will respond you there and then. We ExtraSys company are a well reputed name in the market. Our services are excellent and we know the art of cloud implementation. If you want to know about our service charges and other such details then kindly switch over to the next page and start exploring our website.

Well what are you waiting for? Get started!