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Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies Worldwide

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies Worldwide

You must be having fair knowledge about cloud computing. Since its inception the technology has transformed the business environment of today. You may have read a lot of articles about the dynamics of cloud technology, its types and application hence in this article we would not be touching upon these topics at all. In this particular article we will be focusing more on the cloud computing companies. We will briefly see some of the best cloud computing companies of the world. Out of so many cloud application providers, we have selected the below mentioned 10 best companies.


Google launched the Google cloud in order to provide enterprise solutions to different businesses and companies. The platform allows you build websites as well as applications. Through Google cloud you can also analyze and store date on the infrastructure of Google. Through this platform, you as a business owner can build service, websites and applications.


Window Azure and Window server can be termed as the foundation of Cloud OS. Both these foundations are well complimented by technological solutions like Visual Studio, SQL server and System Center. These technologies also provide you with a platform for data, apps and infrastructure. The apps and data can lengthen your Microsoft Public Cloud and service provider data center.


If you want the most advanced open source platform related to software then for this you can avail Citrix Cloud. The platform allows you to build cloud computing environments which are both reliable as well as scalable. Citrix actually provides you with three different kinds of computing namely On-Premise private cloud, Hosted public cloud and Hosted private cloud.


Joyent is a famous company when it comes to cloud infrastructure. Through Joyent you can get your real time mobile and web applications powered. Joyent recently partnered with another cloud company by the name of Xeround to produce a solution through which customers can now access zero management MYSQL database.


Century link is a popular telecommunication company of USA. The company is well-known for its provision of cloud hosting services and networking solutions. By availing the services of CenturyLink you can avail the best cloud infrastructure. The company has various cloud based applications which you can utilize.


When it comes to Amazon, then Amazon EC2 is the infrastructure which can be utilized by you. The infrastructure allows you to provide or delete the virtual computers. Amazon is overall a huge company and as a user you can find various cloud based applications through it. Some famous offerings of Amazon include names like CloudHSM and AWS CloudHSM.


IBM is a famous company when it comes to computer and technology. IBM has various cloud based solutions related to matters like Multiscreen streaming, corporate communications, live events, Marketing and distribution.


Salesforce.com is another well-known company known for its CRM solutions. The company has various cloud services such as service cloud, sales cloud, custom cloud, data cloud and collaboration cloud.


Rackspace is a popular open cloud company which is famous for its solutions pertaining to Enterprise –Level hosting. The company has been operating since 1998 and today has more than 190,000 customers. The company also develops cloud solutions for each individual customer hence customization aspect is its strength.

Verizon Terremark

If you want to get your business processes and IT performance improved then for this you can avail the services of Verizon Terremark. Since its establishment the company has launched various cloud based applications which have transformed the businesses of various enterprises. The applications of Verizon Terremark can be easily found by you by you through the website of the company.

Some Final Words

These were some of the companies that are famous for their cloud based solutions. You can go to the websites of these companies and check more about their services. If you want to know more about some other cloud computing companies then check out this one by Datamation.

If you are a business owner then you can get your business transformed by availing the applications of these mentioned companies.

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