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Cloud Computing Trends To Watch Out in 2018

Technology has been changing over the years and each year marks a new development in the information technology world. 2017 was an excellent year for many businesses with IT executives taking cloud computing technology to high levels, and this year there is a lot of expectations from the industry. Enterprises are working harder this year to ensure they use technology to help them accomplish their goals. Many firms enjoy the technological innovations which make operations easy but automating over 60% functions that were initially undertaken by human labor. The good thing about technology it always gets better, and in 2018 we should expect a lot regarding enhancement of the technologies. Here are the cloud computing trends we should watch out;

Brother Crush – Cloud Availability in Summer of 2018

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Improvement of cloud storage capacity

Data is an integral aspect of any enterprise and cloud technology in 2017 was an excellent choice for businesses to store their data safely without the fear of getting to unauthorized parties. The total amount of data companies stored in the cloud last year was around 350 EB according to Cisco survey. The amount of data in 2018 in the cloud could grow by more than double-digit, and data center owner is expected to increase the cloud storage capacity to cater for the growing numbers. The businesses are also will have to utilize the larger cloud storage capacity to store their data especially for companies that handle large amounts of data.

The rise of 5G internet 

The internet consumers are expecting faster connections in 2018 from the service providers considering the network developments focusing on increasing the connectivity speed. Majority of telecommunication companies are working on improving network speed from gigabyte LTE to full 5G. Businesses will enjoy more the faster connectivity since it will enable them to load faster, transfer and download data efficiently. On the other hand, other consumers will have to experience faster speeds in connecting to their favorite apps on their smartphones.

Security threats may rise with the new developments

The cloud technology in 2017 had a lot of security challenges with cyber attackers becoming more sophisticated. In 2018 cyber-crimes may be the most significant challenge the cloud technology will face, and now the players should invest more in securing the systems. The government, private and public sectors will have to be timely and more sophisticated to prevent and detect the cyber attackers who might cause a lot of data damages.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) expected to take center stage

The IoE technology enhances the interaction of machines and humans in the businesses. The innovators are working on improving the effectiveness of the technology to enable the company to automate its operations such as data processing. IoE will be aiming at enhancing intelligent interactions of human and devices thus improving the efficiency in service delivery. The technology will also enable customer, brand and company communications for instance in Japan there are automatic hospitality robots that welcome guests and have some conversation with them. IoE is aiming to reach that level in 2018.

The world is changing faster, and the technological innovations are becoming inevitable with each time players working on improving technology use in almost everything. In 2018 the cloud computing technology is expected to go to the next level, and our opinion is that consumers should expect more efficiency.

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