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The Best Cloud Computing Applications For Your Business

Cloud computing is also referred to as “the cloud”. This service is related to the delivery of the services such as storage, server, databases, software and networking solutions, analytics and many more. All these computer resources are provided through the internet.

With the help of cloud computing services, you can change the IT infrastructure of your enterprise. We, ExtraSys can provide you with various cloud computing applications that are offered by several top cloud computing companies.

Mentioned below are some of the best clouds computing applications for your business.

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Google Drive or Dropbox

Google Drive or Dropbox

This application is for storing all your business information. You can store all your documents, photos and videos related to your business in this cloud storage.

You will be able to access this storage on your tablet or laptop with the help of internet. Any changes on the file in the drive will be updated almost immediately.

Google drive gives 15 GB of free data storage and you can also add further storage. For the Dropbox, it initially offers about 2 to 18 GB free.


This application is used for designing a customized email design and newsletter for your enterprise.

With the help of MailChimp, you can design your newsletter especially for your business and share them on social media for marketing purposes.

You can customize everything starting from confirmation email to the sign-up forms. This service offers about 12,000 free emails for less than 2,000 emailing address.



This application is used as a cloud accounting software.

With the help of FreshBooks, you can immediately perform a task like online payments and invoicing through your smartphone or your laptop over the internet.

Other services include on-the-spot expense tracking and time tracking which enables you to perform various accounting task from your home.


This cloud application will help you in organizing the payroll detail of your enterprises.

This cloud application will help you in organizing the payroll detail of your enterprises.

Simplepay collaborates with your accountant and helps in creating a full detailed audit trail. With this application, you can efficiently manage your payroll after looking at every necessary document.

This application also connects have a connection with various bank and other financial institution.

For increasing efficiency in the present scenario, cloud solutions are very necessary.

This service increases the flexibility, efficiency, and speed of the operation at which the enterprises will work. With the help of cloud computing, the companies would be obtaining significant benefits without investing in IT infrastructure.

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