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Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

The world is moving at a very fast pace and new techniques are introduced every day in order. One of greatest breakthroughs in the recent history is the introduction of cloud computing.

There is no doubt that cloud computing brings a lot of benefits, especially for businesses.

You can easily transform your business using cloud computing. Cloud computing has many pros and cons and some of them will be discussed here.


“Cloud computing is very useful in many ways, it brings a lot of benefits and advantages.”

Cloud computing is very useful in many ways, it brings a lot of benefits and advantages and that is exactly what we will discuss here.

1. Cost Effectiveness

One of the biggest significance of cloud computing is that it is highly cost effective. It can cut the cost significantly when it comes to IT cost savings. No matter what type of business you are running, the main focus of any business owner is to earn the maximum amount of money without spending a lot on operational expenses. Cloud computing can cut operational costs greatly, one reason for this is that since there is no on-site infrastructure that is why maintenance is also very low.

2. Reliability

If cloud computing is managed properly, then it can be much more reliable and consistent as well. We as a company provide 99.99% and 24/7/365 availability of the system so that there are no lapses whatsoever. Cloud computing allows companies to have access to all IT resources whenever they are needed and in case any server fails, the operations are transferred to another server seamlessly.

3. Strategic Advantage

If your company is based on cloud computing, then it will certainly have a big advantage on the competitors. This is because the time that is required for IT obtaining is equal to none. With cloud computing, your company will be able to provide all sorts of critical application for businesses quickly and without a major cost. Cloud computing is a way which allows businesses to focus only on what the business needs for its survival and you can forget about the technology.

4. Effective Management

Cloud computing is highly reliable and manageable, if your business uses cloud computing then you do not have to worry about management and maintenance of the system. This is because major management and maintenance is done by the cloud computing provider itself. If your company still uses the old school IT infrastructure, then you will certainly know about the horrors related to the maintenance and management of the infrastructure. None of that is required when it comes to cloud computing.


“Just like almost every other thing in this world, cloud computing also has its fair share of disadvantages.”

Just like almost every other thing in this world, cloud computing also has its fair share of disadvantages. Many of the disadvantages will be discussed below, however one thing to remember is that these disadvantages should not stop you from using cloud computing.

1. Security

One of the biggest drawbacks that is associated with cloud computing is lack of security. Since every bit of data is stored online in cloud computing that is why even a minor security laps may result in loss of date. Hackers can also try to steal all of your important data that is why it is it is imperative for the service provider to have the best security system for cloud based computing.

2. Interruption

Since cloud computing service providers deal with a large number of clients every day that is why there is a high possibility that the systems might slow down or crash at some point. If such an incident happens, then it can certainly suspend your business process and that will not be pleasing for your customers.

3. Lock-Ins

Many cloud service providers promise their customers that they will be able to provide flexible services. However, when it comes to switching cloud services or integrating it to another service, then it is not an easy task. Many organizations find it very difficult to change their service providers, this is because the whole process might become inoperable.

These were some of the pros and cons that are related to cloud computing.

Cloud computing is certainly something that is worth a try, and it is very easily understandable that the drawbacks that it holds can easily be overcome. The pros are much better and that is why people can afford to sideline the disadvantages.

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